Kea is famous for its coastline and beaches and has become a huge attraction amongst both Greeks and visitors from across the world.

Kea beaches are calm bays with blue waters and sandy beaches surrounded many times by a rocky scenery!

For those who like to explore kea is a true paradise! In this case beaches like: Xila, Kaliskia, Liparo, Spathi, Sygkamia, Kalydonychi, should definitely not be missed.

However, for those who prefer easy access and organized beaches, there are plenty of options as well. Beaches like Otzias, Koundouros, Xila, Pisses and Gialiskari are only a few of them.


Kea Villa Thea, offers great proximity to most of the above beaches, due to the villas privileged location near vourkari Village.

In more detail below are the detailed distances from the beaches.

OTZIAS Beach is only 1,7 km from the house. It is an organized sandy beach with sunbeds and restaurants. Great for kids!

Gialiskari Beach 3 km from the house it has an amazing beach bar –Aiora Beach Bar- with excellent food and drinks.

Xila Beach, is a bit further but it is definitely worth the crystal clear waters!

Spathi Beach is also a sandy and organized beach with restaurant on the beach and amazing turquoise waters.

Koundouraki Beach, is the best choice for sports activities and kids!


Whether you are looking for relaxation or exploring and activities, the beaches of Kea will certainly fulfill your appetite. You can wind surf, jet-ski, kite surf.

For those you are thrill seekers, plan a scuba diving excursion, exploring the depths of Kea.

In any case, the emerald and crystal waters are waiting for you to make your experience even more memorable.


Kea is a unique destination for nature lovers and hikers across the world.

The stone path-laid scenery and ancient paths are connected thought out the island.


Water Sports & Scuba Diving
Koundouraki beach, is the best choice if you are looking for water sports as, Kea Water Sports Club offers a wide range of choices like Water skiing, canoeing, wake-boarding, paddle-boarding, ski biking.

For those you are interested in diving there are professional diver instructors ready to train you.